How Do I Recycle My Mobile?

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Get the best price

Find your handset make and model by using the text search bar or manufacturer logos in the header.

We’ll then tell you what it is worth for a working and non-working phone and who will pay the most for your old mobile.


Send away your phone

Send your mobile phone to the recycler of your choice by following the instuctions on their website.


Get paid

Once the recycler received it, they’ll test and validate your mobile phone to ensure it meets their terms and send your payment by cheque, bank transfer or other chosen method right away!

How Tradein Mobile Phones works

The mobile phone recycling process is a simple and intuitive one that is designed to ensure that you can sell your mobile or trade it in quickly and easily. At we will work on your behalf to find you the best deal so let us know the model of mobile phone that you want to sell and we’ll do the rest of the work in finding you the best deal for you.

Step 1 – Find Your Mobile Phone Value
Find the model of phone you’re interested in selling. Simply use the search box above and search for the model name or click on the relevant manufacturer logo in order to see a list of the models made by that manufacturer. Choose the appropriate model and we’ll provide you with a list of the best offers.

As well as giving you a price for a fully working handset we will also offer you a price for a handset that isn’t working. If you’ve found an old phone in your drawer or cupboard and it won’t work properly then you might still be able to get some cash by trading it in. Why not try and find out how much it’s worth?

Step 2 – Send Your Phone In
Different recycling or trade-in companies have different policies for the sending of mobile phones but it will typically involve posting your phone to them. In many cases this may mean that the company will send you a pre-paid envelope; in which case all you need to do is pop your mobile handset into the envelope provided and take it to the Post Office or post box.

Different companies do have different policies but we always provide a link to the relevant information or tell you how to proceed with selling your mobile phone.

Step 3 – Receive Your Money
The final step is receiving your money. Once again, how you receive your money will depend on the recycling company that you use. In most cases you will be offered a cheque which is sent out in the post but you may also be able to have the money transferred directly into your bank account.

Most recycling companies will receive your phone, check that it matches the details you have given, and then send the money straight out to you. This means that you should receive your payment within a matter of days once you start your order.